Aras karimi

What I mean by blocking is that in order to create an Strutured mesh, the air domain and the wing must be divided or blocked, and the ICEM software does this and finally creates an Strutured mesh.I use this software for Meshing.

I don't think Fluent Meshing will block and Structure the mesh.

I want the STL file of the wing to be converted into a solid wing with a Filled inside, taking into account its exact shape and without rounding its edges, including trailing edge.Then I take it to the Design modeler, draw the air domain there and subtract the wing from it And finally, I refer to ICEM software for Meshing.

Is it possible to convert the STL file of the wing without rounding its edges like the trailing edge, exactly like the STL geometry into a solid wing with a filled inside ?

(Purpose: The produced solid wing is exactly like the STL wing.)