Ansys Employee

This will fill in the rows in Mechanical but would be limited by any row limits the application may have. If that is the problem, the entire imported load would need to be done in APDL.

impLoadGroup = ExtAPI.DataModel.GetObjectsByType(Ansys.ACT.Automation.Mechanical.ImportedLoads.ImportedLoadGroup)    # Submodeling folder is also this type
impLoadFolder = impLoadGroup[0]   # first Imported Load folder
impLoad = impLoadFolder.Children[0]    # to get first load under Imported Load folder if load already exists
table = impLoad.GetTableByName("Data View")
for i in range(1,11):
    row = Ansys.ACT.Automation.Mechanical.WorksheetRow()
    row.Item['Magnitude'] = 'File' + str(i) + ':Pressure1'
    row.Item['Analysis Time'] = 0.00005*i
    #row.Item['Scale'] = 1.0
    #row.Item['Offset'] = 0.0
#impLoadFolder.ImportLoad()    # To generate load