Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hello Shannon Cheang,
Thanks for sharing the images of the screen, as at Ansys we usually do not download any attachments.
The error might have been raised due to improper constraints or boundary conditions especially inappropriate loads or insufficient constraints, so a check on boundary conditions might help resolve the issue.
For the cases where there are no supports required, try considering 'Weak Springs' and if considered and still facing the issue, try updating the stiffness of the same. Using 'Inertia relief' might also work for such cases.
More on this can be found in the references section.

Apart from these, selecting an appropriate mesh size helps to give accurate results, the following video might also be useful for the same.
Specifying an Appropriate Element Size for Stress Analysis — Lesson 1 - ANSYS Innovation Courses

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Hope this helps!