Sashank Gautam

I am looking to get the values in the entire domain. Just like plotting a vector field of velocity requires the correct values of the velocity vector of each cell, I need the correct values of the Electrostatic force (Calculated through UDF) in each cell. Each computing node has some "overlapping" exterior cells, so, I want to know how I can extract/pass the values from each node properly such that a "compiled" domain made of all of the nodes merged together represents the resulting domain with each cells having the correct values (the overlapping cells being merged correctly I guess).

Hence, in the end, when I plot a contour of a plane running alongside the length of the entire domain, I get the same values as in a single-core setup. 

PS I cannot open the link that you mentioned above, It sends me to the signup page for the customer portal.

Thank you for your reply Rob.