Zhongrui Liu

I have a channel that is 50um thick, 3mm wide, and 30mm long with 1mm wide inlet and outlet vent on the sides. I initially want to simulate how liquid enters one of the inlets and seeps through the channel by capillary forces. However, the inlets are huge compared to the channel, and I think the mesh on the thin channel is messed up or too large. I moved to 2D, reduced channel length (so I need fewer nodes and can use finer mesh), and tried multiple methods to mesh. The only one that made it to completion without floating point error is the triangle method shown above but the results are pretty weird -- at least compared to what I see in the actual channel in the lab. I suspect the mesh is simply too large but I don't know any better ways to refine it without using too many nodes.

I appreciate your help! Hopefully, this conversation can help others trying to do similar things.