Sami Farag

Hello Andreas,


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help.

When I define a local coordinate system and use it in AOPT, I noticed that the material directions show only for the MAT_002, and It doesn't show however when I use MAT_274_PAPER which is the material I am working on and it is also an orthotropic material. I have read the part of MAT_002 and MAT_274 in the manual, but I still don't know why the material directions don't show for me. I have added screenshots of both when I tried MAT_002 and MAT_274, and also a screenshot of the last few lines of the LSPP messages exactly after selecting elements to show the material directions for when using MAT_274.

Is that a problem with the material model of the MAT_274 itself? If so, how do I make sure that the material gets the same directions I specified in AOPT?

Also, how do I make the material coordinate system independent from the element local coordinate system like you said?