Sashank Gautam

Based on the example 7.3.3 and 7.3.5 I have used the RP_NODE and RP_HOST in the code. However, the values are unaffected. I also tried to only loop over principal faces only using PRINCIPAL_FACE_P(face,thread). This also did not change the results. I have attached the updated code here.

My goal is to just get the right values of the Electric field and forces of the entire domain (compiled from all the cells and faces from each node). I am not sure if I have to pass the C_UDSI(c,t,E) and F_UDSI(f,t,Fdix) from the compute nodes to node-0. 

So, do I have to use the PRF_CRECV_REAL(node_zero, array, size, node_zero) command here (As in the example from 7.4.2)?

It would be helpful if you could point out which example would be more suitable for my case.

Thank you.