Antonio Györög Chang

Hello Erik, 

thank you for the response, but this was not quite what I was looking for. So the Coordinate Systems are created that is quite fine. 

But the next step is to assign the coordinate systems to the bodies, that are in the Named Selections.

Until now my script and also yours, creates the coordinate systems based on the Named Selections (coordinate_system.OriginLocation = selection) 
This step was also already in my code

But when I go to the geometry in the tree, the body (which is in the named selection) is still assigned to the Default Coordinate System

With this code I only get the IDs from the Named Selection right? 

model = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model
for n in ns:

What I actually need to assign the geometrical body to my new created coordinate systems is the body ID or? So basically I want to extract the Body IDs from the Bodies that are in my named selection
This step is still missing for me 

I hope I could make my issue clearer.
Thanks a lot,