Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

Status 1 means the simulation reaches the preset simulation time. How about yours?

You can simulate TE and TM simutaneously. The problem is how do you identify them? I would suggest that you use some kind of symmetry BCs (not in the periodic axes) to isolate TE and TM.

The main issue currently is to find the bands, which depends dipole cloud, analysis group of time monitors, and most importantly the simulation time.Since there no bands currently for low frequencies, I guess you will also need to modify the frequency range. You can simplify the file to sweep only Gamma-X and adjust the above mentioned paramters, check if you can find bands, whether they are TE or TM can be left for later modification.

So please modify frequency range, simulation time and others if needed and check the results.

Different from other simulations, band structure simulation is not intuitive as one needs to find a proper simulation time.