Mathias Giesbrecht


Dear Bill,


I experimented with different methods, but ultimately settled on thermal electric analysis and added the antype, trans command. I was using version 2022 R1, but recently downloaded the free 2023 version. Unfortunately, my model is too large for the free version, so I am waiting for the teaching version from my university, which should be released next week.


During my simulations, I noticed some undershoot, but as you mentioned, the magnitudes were never that large. The fuse I am testing is experiencing different currents, as shown below (time in s then current in A):


0.        0.

1.        130.

120.        130.

121.        -181.

240.        -181.

241.        130.

360.        130.

361.        0.

480.        0.

481.        130.

600.        130.

601.        -181.

720.        -181.

721.        8.

1320.        8.

1321.        = 8.


I tried setting the current to 0 for the last 3 time steps, but the same issue persisted. In a smaller simulation, I encountered fewer problems with the latest ANSYS release, but I cannot yet test it on my larger model.


Here are the heat flux and joule; both were given as an option in mechanical:



And for the joule heat:


Thanks a lot for your help and support!