Ansys Employee

Given a certain blade span fraction (e.g. 50% span), the blade section can be converted from 3-D Cartesian space in (x,y,z) to 2-D developed coordinates (m,s), where m is the meridional distance (integral(sqrt(dx^2+dz^2)))  and s represents the integrated arc length (integral(r*dtheta)).  Meridional distance can be normalized by radius to give m'.

If we look at the developed view of the blade in (m,s) coordinates, the slope of the blade mean camberline is defined as the blade angle beta.  The relationshipo between beta and theta is:


        ~= r*del*theta)/del(m)

Knowing radius, r, and beta you can calculate the slope of del(theta)/del(m) in the Angle plots in BladeEditor.