1. The purpose is to see the reaction of the bridge structure under external pressures. Therefore, I am focused on deformation, stresses, and strains in the structure, not only in the bearing systems.
    • Also, I wanted to extract shear forces and bending moments of the girders (beams). But I have modelled them as 3D solids not Beam lines. Is there anyway to extract these values for 3D solids?
  2. Okay!
  3. Okay!
  4.  (Please correct me) As far as I understand, Rigid imply that no deformation, stresses, and strains in these bodies are expected, and therefore not computed. Is this right? Is that why Rigid bodies are not meshed?
    • On the other hand, external pressures are imported on the bridge surfaces and if there’s no mesh (Rigid) then the solver does not have any node into which attach the pressures. Is there any way to import pressures to Rigid bodies if there’s no mesh?