Saketh Bharadwaj Kopparthy

I created the geometry in SpaceClaim and the surfaces of the shank are cylindrical. The frictionless support was given on all 4 side faces of concrete to arrest the movement. Bottom face is fixed support.

Yes, there exits a frictional contact between the concete block and the steel flange. But running this case is taking longer time than the case without friction. So for the time being, I removed the frictional contact and continued with bonded contacts everywhere.

Here is what I did.

In space claim I created a plane at 20mm distance below the screw head and split the screw shank surface into 2 parts using "split" command. This gave me 2 shank faces..long face and short face. Length of long face is exactly equal to length the part of screw that goes into the concrete block and short face length is equal to thickness of steel flange. 

Here is the screenshot of contact regions. Contact region is 1 is in between concrete block and steel flange. Eventhough friction exists, it is taken as bonded contact for time being to run the simulation quickly. Regions 2 to 5 are between concrete and long face on screw shank. 
Region 7-10 are between short steel flange and shank short face plus underside of screw head.
Even now I am unable to apply pretension. 

I believe I am missing something related to contacts between surfaces and the coordinate axis to define the bolt pretension. Can you help on how to proceed further?