What you describe above is a very specific example and there are likely no tutorials of similar problems. Do you already have material properties over the range of temperatures? What you have will help guide you in what you can model.

  1. I would recommend doing a several simple tutorials that are in the Fluent documentation ( . Working through the tutorials will help you become familar with the software. We don't want the interface to be a showstopper.
  2. Then I would try working on some simple problems without documentations that you can validate with hand-calcs. For example a simple Couette flow would be a basic step towards what you want to do.
  3. Then slowly add one piece of the more complex modeling at a time to see how it works.  Too often students try to add all the complexity at the begining and then cannot debug the, potentially multiple, problems. Also keep the problem simple. Also keep it simple by working in 2D for as long as you can.