Benjamin Walz

Thank you both for your answers.


I want to accelerate the convergence because I want to simulate different geometrical variations with similar boundary conditions. The time consumption with this setup is very high.

  1. For this run I patched the temperature for the room air zone to 20°C and the air in the inlettube to 55°C. I will try to patch previous solutions to the new cases.
  2. I am using the coupled-solver. At first I tried using SIMPLE, but it didnt converged at all. The residuals for the continuity-equation are not going down (~0.1), I guess this is due to the turbulent nature of parts of the flow. Thats why I track my mass-balance instead to check convergence.
  3. I am running in parallel-mode. Average wall clock-time per iteration is 9.5 s. What do you mean matching the number of processes used by Fluent? Currently I am using as many cores as possible.

@Rob: Yes i noticed that buoyancy in my solution is not accurate in the velocity field. Do you think t´a Steady-State simulation is the wrong approach?