Thank you Rob for the reply.

Using SpaceClaim, I have created a “Surface body” for the membrane and 3-D cube around the membrane as the flow domain.  Then I used “Share” option under “Workbench” to get the computational domain. In SpaceClaim, under “Share” options, I used “Preserve Instances” to keep both the geometries (See the image below).

In the “Mesher” I am able to create a “NameList” for the membrane and able to create boundary layer mesh on both sides of the membrane. (See the image below.  This is a cross-sectional view).

I am sharing the same geometry between the fluid and structural solver (see the image below).  Inside “Transient structural”, the geometry is automatically imported as a 3-D volume with the membrane inside (see the image below).  I am not able to separate out the membrane to conduct structural analysis. Any suggestions on how to get the membrane geometry in the structural solver for analysis?

Also, are there any better approaches to conduct FSI analysis of membranes?

Thank you for your help.