Bill Bulat
Ansys Employee

Hi Jorge,

Yes this is possible however it is not natively exposed in Mechanical so you'll need to use command objects to convert element types so that they use electromagnetostructural DOFs (UX, UY, UZ, AZ, and VOLT):

I created a small test case to flesh out a procedure (sadly I'm not allowed to send it to you). It's a fixed-fixed electrically conductive beam. A current is sent along the length of the beam - a small voltage drop is associated with the impressed current:

A lateral (z direction) external B field (1 Tesla) is applied:

I used a Coupled Field Static analysis system at 2023R1. The beam and surrounding "air" must comprise a single part (conformal mesh, no contact).

The command objects under the bodies were:

Both bodies were declared to use the following engineering disciplines:



If possible in your production model, extend modeled representation of the electric conductor traces to the external boundaries of the model in such a way that they meet the boundary perpendicularly:


In my test case I assumed that the device is operating in an externally applied magnetic field (e.g., a relatively large and distant PM is creating the field, which I've seen in MEMS mirrors that are actuated by Lorentz forces). I used a DFLX command to define that field on the external surfaces of the model:



Create a named selection (with no spaces in the name) comprising the external surfaces of the mesh. Enter the name of that named selection in the NODE field of the DFLX command.

The net reaction force for this 0.001 m long beam carrying 0.1 A and immersed in a transverse 1 Tesla field should be the product of these three numbers (1e-4 N), which is what was calculated by the model:

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