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@Dapil Iteration is iterations of an iterative solver, for more information please check: 

The ratio is a measure of the convergence of the solver. It compares the current residual or equilibrium to the initial residual or equilibrium. A lower ratio indicates better convergence.

”Limit” refers to the convergence criterion that is used to determine when the iterative solver has found a solution that is sufficiently accurate. The convergence criterion is typically set to a small value, such as 1.0E-8 in the examples you provided, which means that the iterative solver will continue iterating until the residual error (the difference between the computed solution and the exact solution) is less than or equal to the specified convergence criterion.

The wall time represents the actual time that the solver has taken to perform the iterations.

@Claudio, your solver output seems for a direct solver, hence is different.


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