Hello again. I was recording this data at multiple frequency points (1500). Appearently this was the problem. I tried this with a single frequency point and now it works. Many thanks. 

I have some additional questions. They might be found on documentation, but I think answering these questions will be helpful for me and anyone who is reading this post.


  1. Normally, the frequency points was set to 1500, so is it possible to see lower sensivity when we reduce this to 1? I mean reducing the frequency points means lower sensitivity?
  2. If so, are there any other algortihms that can work with multiple frequency points? (It doesn’t have to be in-built). 
  3. Right now I can optimize "T" value from a reflection monitor and transmission monitor (I placed reflection monitor front of the structure and placed transmission monitor back to the structure that could be seen in previous images.). I was wondering if it is possible to write a figure of merit script that can analyze "absorption" using this T values from reflection and transmission monitor. Normally I was doing it like this: 

    Trans = getresult("monitor_Trans","T");

    Ref = getresult("monitor_Ref","T");

    Transit = Trans.T;

    Reflect = Ref.T;

    absorb=1 - abs(Transit) - abs(Reflect);




    Using this script I was plotting "absorption" value using the extracted "T" datas from monitor_Ref (reflection monitor) and monitor_Trans (transmission monitor). Using something similar to this, is it possible to optimize absorption value? If so, how would the fom script look like?