Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hello Maria Fernanda Velasquez,
Harmonic analysis helps to solve for the structure's dynamic response in the 'Frequency domain' instead of the time domain. This many times is helpful to get the characteristics of the system with an efficient solution as time domain-based analyses can be computationally expensive for an extensive range.
Thus, the results obtained would be computed at different frequency values.
If you are interested in the fatigue life of the component, you can get the time value for life for a certain frequency using the 'Fatigue Tool'.

Converting the problem into a time domain to get the respective results would be helpful in addressing the situation. You can go for a transient analysis with the respective input sinusoidal loading to get the required results. This can be computationally expensive though, so an MSUP Transient would also be helpful to get the dynamic response of the system.

The following resources might be helpful in addressing the issue,
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Hope this helps!