Patrick Kirby

Hi Rob, I got you. Great points as always. The model is very interesting and I am looking to determine the reasoning behind the observed behavior. The model ran well when I accidentally left all materials as air (I am looking to run a water-air model, where the discrete particles are air). When I correct the materials, I once more run into f1 SIGSEV type of errors. I'm running the simulation with two different flow conditions (inlet bubble velocity) and both encountered the same issue. The general model discription is a reactor for which I solve for flow and turbulence using the RSM model with scalable wall functions. I am able to run through simulations with this set-up when just solving for the flow, turbulence, and when including the mixture and inhomogenous multiphase model. Anyways, I am attaching three images. One is the residuals, the other is the last few residuals from the TUI, and the last is a warning message that I recieve. Thanks and have a great one