Theodore Jenkins

Hi Peter,

Wow, of course! I have shifted the centre of mass of the accelerometer off centre a little bit, which accounts for the non-zero effect of the wires attached to each accelerometer. It is now showing something in the region i expected, but of a lower magnitude than i thought. I will see what else I can do by playing with the geometry and shifting the point mass around... might not be large enough to have a significant impact.

Ok, that is great to know RE MSUP, I will implement that asap and see the results. I am not sure about how i can determine the mass and stiffness damping of my real system as a single value or as a function/table of frequency... but addmittedly I was guessing the structural damping so i might play with it until the damping matches my experimental values. I will watch one of the ANSYS damping videos.

Once again you have come to the rescue, I really appreciate your help with this, and I am sure there are people reading this and other posts in the future that appreciate your responses.
Are you an employee of Ansys? or are you just a whizz at this stuff and want to help out? 

anyway thank you, you have been a great help!