Oleg Makarov

I want to model brittle material (ice) with elliptical failure criterion (figure below), which is both temperature and strain rate dependent.

For current step I don't need any material yielding / plastic deformations. I want to model the material with orthotropic elastisicty and failure according to criterion in Fig. below.

If it is possible with SPG and UMAT it would be great.

  1. Or may be I can modify some special parameter in UMAT that will address creterion in MAT_ADD_EROSION when failure criterion is met? Therefore bond failure will occure because some MAT_ADD_EROSION criterion is met, but this quantity will be met because of some parameter inside UMAT
  2. Or can I set this failure criterion as yield criterion (yield surface) and use very small critical value for effective plastic strain (IDAM=1) to model material failure in this way?