Ryan Careno

Check if the “exclusive” flag in the HPC Pack 2019 job template is set to “true”. We were seeing the same thing running on MS HPC pack with MS-MPI, and noticed about 30% boost in performance.  

To check/set, you need administrative access to HPC Pack Cluster Manager (or reach out to whomever manages the HPC Cluster).  The setting is as shown:


HPC Setting for Exclusive Mode



We have a 256 core cluster at the moment, and mostly run 128 core jobs.  The jobs were slower previously when this was set to false.  Say you have a 32-core server in your cluster, and you request to run a job at 24-cores, this just means nobody else can use the remaining 8 cores not being used on that server, but users can still use unused servers in the cluster.  This is at least my understanding of it.