Lito Yap
Ansys Employee

@Youngin Kim,

To clarify, are you having problems running the simulation file or you cannot open and run the CAD/GUI as shown in the error message? 

/usr/pack/lumerical-2022_r1.1-bt/bin//fdtd-solutions: line 8: 11818 Segmentation fault      $FDTD_BIN_DIR/fdtd-solutions-app "$@"

Based on the error message you are unable to open and run the FDTD CAD/GUI. See the KB for options on how to resolve OpenGL/graphics issues on your Linux. Consult with your IT to resolve the graphics issue on your Linux installation.   

>>> How to resolve system and OpenGL graphics related issues – Ansys Optics 


**Check out the Ansys Optics FAQs for answers to common and known issues**