Ali Bachar

So the boundary conditions for inlet are set to the default values 0 magnitude 0 XYZ components etc 

the journal file are run on both first time run! So I'll open fluent on the local machine. Copy/paste the journal file into to TUI, everything works, boundary conditions set. (Confirmed by velocity magnitude contour) and the BC panel will say magnitude 113 x component 0.99993 y component 0.0122 z component 0, and have the thermal set to 275 

However, on the HPC if I load a submission file with my journal file (the exact same one I used before) and run it. The resulting .dat file will show that the boundary conditions for inlet/outlet are set at their defaults (this confirmed by looking at the velocity contour and seeing a region of 0ms at the inlet.

at first I thought they're musr be a rogue character or something, so I opened fluent locally and recorded a journal file with Writw -> Start Journal 

and recorded what I typed into the TUI, and repeated the test with that new journal file, again same issue. When run off the journal file BC not set. When copied/paste boundaries set.