Ali Bachar

No, i am entering line by line, using Read>Journal I believe causes the same error.

I cannot see what is wrong with that? that is the correct number of values

/define> materials

change-create           data-base/              list-properties
copy                    delete
copy-by-formula         list-materials

/define/materials> change-create

material-name> air
material name [air] air
air is a fluid
change Density? [no] y

methods: (constant ideal-gas incompressible-ideal-gas rgp-table real-gas-soave-redlich-kwong real-gas-peng-robinson real-gas-aungier-redlich-kwong real-gas-redlich-kwong boussinesq piecewise-linear piecewise-polynomial polynomial expression compressible-liquid user-defined)
new method [constant] incompressible-ideal-gas
no data required.

change Cp (Specific Heat)? [no] n
change Thermal Conductivity? [no] n
change Viscosity? [no] n
change Molecular Weight? [no] n
change Thermal Expansion Coefficient? [no] n
change Speed of Sound? [no] n