Aras karimi
Yes, I understood the first problem and did it and saw that the edges of the two adjacent squares do not coincide with each other, which is like the figure below:
What should I do to solve this problem?
Unfortunately, I still didn't understand the third problem. I haven't drawn the air domain around the wing and I'm just working on the STL wing itself. In other words, I plan to create a surface on the STL facets which is divided into small squares of 10 x 10 mm, and after it is completed, like a puzzle, I will glue the created surfaces together and turn it into a solid filled and take it to Design Modeler to draw the air domain, but as if there is a gap between the levels. Is this work possible or must it be drawn directly air domain in the spaceclaim? Which one do you suggest?
Other than posting the file here, is there any way I can send you the stl file of the second wing for you to take a look at? The second wing is more practical for me and may not have the third problem unlike the first wing.