Aras karimi
I want to send you the second STL file privately. How can I do this?
Yes, it's true that your plan directly meshes the air blocks that are located above and below the wing. But in my plan, I do the blocking process in ICEM, so I need a solid wing to take it to Design Modeler and draw the air domain around the wing and finally subtract the filled solid wing from the air domain. Then I go to ICEM to create the air block and mesh the air domain.Air blocking process is a bit complicated, so I use ICEM for that.
Is it possible for the STL wing to become a filled solid wing after reverse engineering ?
I found out the third problem, so that we don't face this problem, I divided the wing into three equal parts in direction span and the chord into seven equal parts. Therefore, the blocks of the last row on the surface of the wing (near the trailing edge) end at the trailing edge, and the air block that is located above and below the wing and includes the trailing edge can easily be separated from each other. which is according to the following figure: