Greg Ioannou




For making the line bodies NOT having mass ,you said that i have to set the beam cross section thin in spaceclaim.Is there any setting for that,or just to give thin dimensions u mean?Because i only saw thin shells choice from display(at prepare panel).There is no thin beam cross section choice.Is there any limit at the dimensions of the beam cross section to be considered thin or is there a setting for that?? eg I dont want to add more mass and to insert these elements like i do with the heave disks,so not to infuence the center of gravity and CoBuoancy with the addition of fins.I tried it…but the beam appears in the middle of the fin as  the below image shows:

Is it a problem? And in the structure panel it shows(it doesnt appear the beams like line bodies):

And as you said ,it adds mass….how can i have them(those fins) ,like the heave disks(without adding more mass)…???

Thank you !!