Abhijeet Chilwirwar

I am unable to make a new discussion therefore writting here my doubts. 

I have been trying to simulate a hip implant in Ansys WB but I am constantly getting same errors. I have many similar discussions on this portal, some were relevant I tried them but nothing worked. I am applying compressive load of 2.3 kN on a hip implant placed inside an acrylic cement everything supported by a SS holder. No meshing error is been shown but solution is the same "An Internal solution magnitude limit wasexceeded. Please check your environment for inapppropriate load values or insufficient supports." And point to note is that when I am applying load using global co-ordinate axis then position of force arrow is corrrect but when I am using a different co-ordinate system (which is required) then the location of force arrow gets changed(since I am using the same face to define the remote force in both the co-ordinate axis the point of location of arrow should be same). Because of this reason I had to use pressure as a load.

Help me with this. Attaching some relevant photos. Thanking you.