Aleksey Gerasimov

Hello Lancer,

If you use the Unresolved Electrolyte SOFC model (number 4) that the catalysts and the electrolyte regions will not be included. Alternatively, module number 3 can be used, however, this approach implies that the catalysts and the electrolyte are included in the geometry explicitly and are resolved. Module number 4 is a pragmatic simplification of the fully resolved approach. We do not offer an approach that includes electrolyte but excludes catalysts. Such approach would imply a dense mesh resolution comparable to the fully resolved approach, but would still imply that the reactions take place within the first planes of cells next to electrolyte on both: anode and cathode sides. 

The Unresolved Electrolyte SOFC model is a pragmatic and a cost effective way to simulate SOFC cells and stacks.

Kind regards,