Mikhailo Galinsky


Thank you very much for your answer.

I checked that the pulse speed indeed tends to the speed of light when dz tends to zero. Unfortunately, making the mesh fine enough to reach the correct propagation speed would lead to an estimated simulation time of 14 months for the relatively simple problem that I am trying to simulate. It would be appreciated if the algorithm could be improved to yield the correct speed for coarser meshes. Also, I suggest that this issue should be better documented, as I failed to find any helpful information in tutorials and forums.


Finally, my other question remains unanswered. If I understand correctly, the material “etch” is supposed to imitate the vacuum; the results obtained with “etch” and without any material should thus be equal. But they are not. Did I misunderstand something? Your help on this other point would be most welcome.


Thank you for your time and attention,



Mikhailo Galinsky.