Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, my modal analysis is already done before the execution of the APDL command, because the APDL command is in the “Solution” branch. I’m doing a restart of the modal analysis to create load vectors, yes. I did the modal analysis in the same directory, yes : in the default directory of the modal analysis, and I want to make the harmonic analysis in the same directory.

I want to avoid copying files because that’s the reason why the harmonic analysis make so much time to perform (i guess, maybe i’m mistaking ?) – the rst and mode files are pretty heavy. So i want ansys to write directly the harmonic files in the same directory as the modal one. In reality, it works but the harmonic files overwrite the modal files in this directory (rst, mode, full, out), so every time I want to re-perform the harmonic analysis (for any reason like changing some analysis parameters), I have to perform both modal and harmonic analyses (because ANSYS can not find the .rst, .mode and .full files of the modal analysis to perform the harmonic because they correspond to the previous harmonic files), which can take unnecessary time. I want to avoid that and treat hamonic analysis separatly from the modal one.