Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee

Hello Greg,

To answer your questions:

  • There is no way to create a line body with zero mass, but you can make the mass (and buoyancy) very small at least, by setting the rectangular cross-section dimension to be thin. I've tried with a thickness of 0.01 mm, and this works ok (though 0.001 mm does not! - SpaceClaim interprets this as zero). Combined with a small Material Density value in Aqwa Workbench (e.g. 0.1 kg/m^3), you should be able to make the fin very light. (If you really need to have exactly zero mass/buoyancy, you will have to use Morison disc elements instead.)
  • This is how beams always appear in SpaceClaim, so this is expected. When you import the geometry into Aqwa you should see the actual cross-section, with a black line drawn along the beam axis.
  • In the Structure panel in SpaceClaim, you need to arrange the beams so that they are nested under the main structure. Drag-and-drop each beam icon on to the main structure, so that the tree looks something like this:

  • You may also need to set the Share Topology option, so that the bodies are grouped into a single structure when you import them into Aqwa Workbench. Click on the main structure in SpaceClaim, and set the Share Topology option to Share:

I hope this helps!