On the Design tab, I created a 0.5 mm thick block at the leading edge, then in Facets I subtracted that from the wing. I selected all the top facets and keyboarded Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to create the top facet body and repeated that to create the bottom facet body. These bodies meet at the sharp straight edge of the trailing edge exactly. I used the Skin tool with lots of points along the side edges as I showed in my video to create a top surface. Repeat for the bottom surface. On the Design tab, I selected the two edges of the surfaces where the 0.5 mm gap was created in step 1 and used the Blend tool to fill in the gap. That gave a complete wing surface. I added two planes near the leading edge to cut the surfaces up for ease of meshing. I selected all the edges around the side opening and used the Blend tool to close each side. On the Repair tab, I used the Stitch tool to convert the surfaces into a solid body.