Hi everevebody, 

I'm coming back about this subject becase I understand better what I have to do.

So, I've a table of forces, I read it into my mechanical APDL session whith commands 

The first values in columns 2 representating FY (force in Y-axis on a specifical node) and the second values representating FZ. 

So, I create an apdl commands to applicate those combinations FY/FZ forces 100 times (beause I've 100 lines in my array). 

I have to retrieves the SXX stress (Von mises) and save them into an another array trough an Etable like that :

So, I get the SXX vector Array in all elements (here 1122 elements) representating the stress in whole element with 100 combinations of forces Fy,fz.

So now i want to create an array to save all of my stress (it will be an array with 1122 lines and 100 culumns).

This array will be use to calculate the damage in whole 100 calculation to make fatigue calculation in my component. 

So here what I have in my array :

Using those commands :

Can anyone help me to fill correctly my array ? 

Thank you