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yes, you can implement a least square objective function. There are different ways of doing that.

1 You can calculate the least squares of vectors/signals in the “Variables” tab of the ETK node or the Signal Processing e.g. using Sum of squared error (SSE), or the Root squared error (RSE).

For the objective formulation you are using then a scalar value e.g. RSE. You find examples in the help on how to do this in the software:

In Ansys Workbench: Calibration of a Damped Oscillator in Ansys Workbench
In optiSLang: Calibration of a Damped Oscillator (

 2 You can also use vectors or signals in the objective formulation. It’s also possible to include a weighting vector.

 To realize alignment between test and simulation is in general a Model Calibration/ Parameter Identification question. There is in Ansys Learning Hub (Connect | Ansys optiSLang - Ansys optiSLang Model Calibration and Parameter Identification ( an advanced optiSLang course on that topic:

This talks a lot about signal/vector usage, the workflows, best practices etc.
I hope this helps.