From what I see in that geometry, you should be able to. Are you sweeping these bodies? If so, under the sweep, you can set the "Free Face Mesh Type" to be "All Quads". I think the default is Quad/Tris which is the old paver method you probably learned about in class. Further down in the Sweep method is the "Sweep Number (of) Divs". This controls the number of elements through the sweep. So if your thickness is 4 units at the bottom and 2 units at the top, and you have set the Sweep Number of Divisions to 2, then the bottom will have thickness 2 and the top thickness 1.

If you are using Multizone, you can select one of the thickness edges and then put a sizing on it with the number of divisions. Also on the Multizone use the "Sweep Edge" under "Sweep Size Behavior" and select the edge that you put the sizing on.