Hi Rob,


Thanks for the answer.  I think the meshing is something I am really struggling to work with the Ansys.

As we are focusing the flow mostly radially, the aspect ratio will be off course higher, for the mesh quality this is my results. In fact I check the meshing in the mesh component and mesh looks good.



Mesh Quality run:

A. Minimum Orthogonal Quality = 7.59539e-01 cell 341 on zone 151 (ID: 850082 on partition: 3) at location (-1.43727e-04 -4.92787e-02 5.58354e-02)

(To improve Orthogonal quality , use "Inverse Orthogonal Quality" in Fluent Meshing,

where Inverse Orthogonal Quality = 1 - Orthogonal Quality)

B. Maximum Aspect Ratio = 7.19138e+01 cell 8651 on zone 140 (ID: 189331 on partition: 0) at location (-1.08195e-02 -6.37903e-02 5.81116e-02)