Ahmed Abdelraheem

Thanks, Aymen, for the suggestion. I already have a code built using PyAEDT to conduct my analysis. However, it seems there is no way of defining special functions (such as spherical bessel or Associated Legender polynomial for example) inside the Fields Calculator. So, my only option is to define these functions in my Python code (using scipy). Now, I need these functions to modify my solution fields (such as the electric field) and then conduct surface and volume integrations. With the way Ansys currently works, I have two options:

1- Export the fields out: this means I'll have to write a code for Divergence, Curl, and Surface and Volume Integrations (which is structure dependent). So my code needs to change every time I change the structure.

2- Insert these special functions in the Fields Calculator: which was my question in the first place. HOW?

If you think I am missing something, please point it out. Thanks!