Celine Lim


I understand, thank you. I have a follow-up question regarding opaque surfaces.

As some radiation gets absorbed by a surface, some of it gets emitted too. I believe on Fluent with the DO model we can set the absorptivity of a surface and an internal emissivity. Is there a method to set the emissivity to be on the same side of the surface where absorptivity is applied? Or does Fluent somehow assumes that absorptivity = emissivity for DO models too? I know this is true for S2S and im not sure if this holds true for DO model.


I was looking through fluent's manual on DO models (https://www.afs.enea.it/project/neptunius/docs/fluent/html/th/node115.htm), it seems like the model does take absorptivity = emissivity for calculating the radiative energy: 

For my study, this does not actually hold true for the type of material that I am interested in (this material has different absorptivity and emissivity values). Is there a way where this can be applied on Fluent more accurately? 

Thank you for your time,