Aras karimi

The output format of the software is only STL and it does not output other formats.

To keep my sharp edges, how can I determine the angle between the surface normal vector and the facet normal vector ? How can I access the value of this angle ?

I didn’t understand the last paragraph you said about using the ‘Pull tool’ , it would be great if you could show me that in the next video you make.

Peter, there is a problem. I meshed the solid wing file that you sent for me , but cells with negative volume are created on the wing, which the meshing software itself warns. which is according to the following figure:


I think the cause of this problem is the skin tool’s inability to create a surface on the upper tail. I tried this and observed that the control points of the skin tool near the trailing edge, on both sides, dip into the wing, as shown below:


Why do you think this problem occurs ?

Peter, before we come to a final conclusion, it would be nice to go through all the little points and problems that arise in the geometry, and finally, please send me a video.