Greg Ioannou




Thank you for the answer Mike!!.As queries never end,may i ask sth more?I should make a new post asking here.Hope it is ok.When im inserting waves(via hydrodynamic response) to check the response of the structure i have,i observed that for the same wave(regular with the absolutely same period and height),it has different response(for structure position-actual response) when i insert the hydrodynamic response just after the hydrodynamic diffraction from the case that i insert it after 1-2 different hydrodynamic responses.For example,at the project schematic below,D hydrodynamic response is different to G hydrodynamic response under the same wave.And also,when i delete the D hydrodynamic response and re-insert a new one hydrodynamic response with the absolutely same wave(regular with the same period and height),it appears again to have slightly different graphs again from the D case i had before.Why can that happen?


2)Is it better to run a hydrodynamic response with stability analysis first(with small wave) just after the hydrodynamic diffraction before start inserting waves(from B and then),or it doesnt matter if i start inserting waves via hydrodynamic response(time response analysis) after the hydrodynamic diffraction?

3) The Natural modes i found at Hydrodynamic Diffraction differ a bit from those i found at Hydrodynamic Response(just after the Hydrodynamic Diffraction) during the stability analysis despite i did NOT use moorings or cables(more particularly they r slightly higher at Hydrodynamic Diffraction ).But i have put the connections points ONLY(do they add weight or influence the natural modes?If not ,why may that happen?

4)And when im using AQWA GS and merge graphs…how can i make a memo(i dont know the exact word) for checking them and discriminate which case, each graph color refers to…?

Thanks again !!