Hello Rob,

the Simulation I was asking about earlier started working, now I am on to the next iteration and I get the following error, do you know how I can fix it, or at leat tell me where to look. I am new to this, and I am trying as hard as possible to learn! Thanks in advance.


 ***   Starting Step 1   ***
   Parameters and Fields                        |   Progress bar(s)  |
 Evolution parameter S     =  7.5500000E-01     |>                   |
 Parameter fac             =  5.4328477E+04     |>                   |          
 Parameter expom           =  1.0000000E+00     |>                   |          


 Convergence assumed : Rel. var. LT  1.00000E-03

 F.E.M. Task     

Divergence detected for field VELOCITIES: iterations cancelled by Expert System 


 Divergence of influent solver occurred !
           *** WARNING *** from [EVOLUT]
          First step does not converge
          It is not possible to start the evolution scheme


     *  Summary of the simulation  *

        The computation failed.

     *  Expert tool diagnostics  *

     The problem F.E.M. Task      has not converged.


This is the Error message I get in the Listing viewer. I don't really understand why it has a problem with the evolution parameters. I got a failure earlier and I set them to exactly what the Expert System recommended...