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In computational fluid dynamics (CFD), boundary conditions are specified to define the behavior of fluid flow at the boundaries of the computational domain. Velocity inlets can be defined in different ways, either as zones or labels, depending on the software or CFD solver you are using. Let me explain the difference between the two and how you can address your specific problem.


  1. Zones: In some CFD software, zones are predefined regions or volumes within the computational domain. These zones can have specific properties assigned to them, such as velocity, pressure, or temperature. When velocity inlets are defined as zones, you need to assign the desired velocity profile or value to that particular zone. The software will automatically enforce the specified boundary conditions within the zone.

  2. Labels: Labels, on the other hand, are markers or identifiers that you assign to specific regions or boundaries within the computational domain. Unlike zones, labels do not have predefined properties associated with them. Instead, you need to specify the boundary conditions separately for each labeled region or boundary. For velocity inlets defined as labels, you would need to assign the desired velocity conditions individually to each labeled region.


If you currently have velocity inlets defined as zones but need them to be defined as labels, you will need to modify your CFD setup accordingly. The specific steps to achieve this may depend on the software or solver you are using. Here is a general approach you can follow:


  1. Identify the zones representing the velocity inlets in your current setup.
  2. Remove or disable the zone assignment for these velocity inlets.
  3. Define appropriate labels to represent the desired regions for each velocity inlet.
  4. Assign the velocity boundary conditions individually to each labeled region, specifying the desired velocity profiles or values.
  5. Save and update your CFD setup with the modified boundary conditions.


It’s important to consult the documentation or user guide of your specific CFD software to get detailed instructions on how to modify the boundary conditions from zones to labels. Additionally, you may also consider reaching out to the software’s support team or user community for further assistance with your specific software.

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