Greg Ioannou


Well,to conclude(final post-questions here for me)…I would be really grateful if i get an answer !

1)For making different layouts of a structure and compare them under the same conditions(waves, particularly here)…:

To check the time responce analysis with different waves(regular or irregular ones),is it better to make new (independent from the others) hydrodynamic analyses with DIFFERENT waves each time just after the first hydrodynamic response(that with the stability with small wave) .For example…from B to C…from B to D,from B to E etc…?As i want the waves(time responses) to start from calm conditions(From C and after),should it be right to propagate on the environmental objects(waves here)to create linked copies in any downstream Hydrodynamic Response Systems?Shouldnt i just set a new wave at each time response(for a new hydrodynamic response each time)and solve like that?What i want is to set INDEPENDENT waves without the start time of one wave to associate with the finish time  of the next wave.  For example below: Is the start time of C,D,E,F,G the finish of B?



2)In the stability analysis(Hydrodynamic Response), cant we only have Irregular waves(irregular wave groups ,current,wind) .It doesnt mention irregular wave with drift at stability analysis .Is it the same with time response analysis with irregular wave with slow drift?Do they have the same effect?I got confused a bit here.Im gonna give a final form to the project schematic….Thats why im asked.

3)At the Aqwa GS ,i just want to merge 4-5 layouts for one wave(time response) each time(dp0 to AQWA-4  for example) Z,RX,RY etc.And it doesnt appear any legends for those,so im confused which layout is which.For example it appears as below for 3 different layouts,but i cant discriminate each layout.I meant that i want to make a legend with names of each layout for each colour so that we can discriminate them:



4)A more related question to the post: HOW do we add-draw spiraling(helical) strakes to the spar(as it is usual for this kind of cylinder structures to use them)???

5)The addition of the Disks increase just a little the natural periods.I waited that they increase it much more.Does it happen because they dont add mass to the structure?This happens also with the natural periods with the addition of moorings.They just decrease almost 1 sec the natural period of the structure.I have used beta options as checked…and linear connection stiffness matrices to YES.It happens the same as beta unchecked and linear connection stiffness to NO.I dont understand at a topic here how to restart Aqwa Workbench editor …


Thanks a lot again and again!