Mike Rife
Ansys Employee


The whole issue is format.  Let's assume that there are 1000 result time points in your model.  I cannot imagine that you would accept one data point per node to be written to its own text file.  Resulting in 4 million files for you to process.  How about one file of all nodes but containing just one time point of result data for 1000 files.  Or the other way around resulting in 4000 files.  Or one gigantic file with all the data...space separated data?  Tab?  Comma?

Since you have not answered all my prior questions I guess I can assume that 1) the Monte Carlo program cannot access the solvers binary result file nor 2) do you want to write an access program yourself.

Now Mechanical APDL (the program used by Mechanical to solve the analysis) has multiple ways of gathering and writing out data to files.  But to do so we need to know the requirements.  Again I am assuming/guessing you need ascii file(s).  Do you need the node x/y/z locations too?  What format i.e how many significant digits?  Do you need 4000+ columns of data - one for each node and then rows of time history results?  Or the other way around?  Looks like I am repeating myself so I will stop here.

Do you know APDL?  How about Python/IronPython?  Is this a one-time need?  Or some repeatable process for many simulations?