Ansys Employee


The Mechanical GUI does not have the predesigned ability to do this. Only a script could do this. Also, I’m not sure if you know that you can right click in a temperature result and export a tab delimited file of the temperatures at all selected nodes. But this is for one time point. You can change the evaluation time of the result and export all nodes again, and so work through all time points with this method. The other option is the time history that you see at the lower right. You can also export that if you first select the grey box at the upper left in the table, then right click to export. This reports, avg, max, min of the selected nodes. You have noticed that if you only select one node, that it evaluates to the exact value at that node for all time points, since avg,max,min are the same. This is what Mike Rife was stating. You can export all nodes at one time point or one node for all time points, but not all nodes for all time points. The GUI is not set up to do this. You could only do it with a script. Whether done as APDL script or Mechanical script is a matter of choice.

Also your previous mention of 100 temperature columns and 100 time columns doesn't make sense to me. The temperatures occur at time points. You would have 200 temperature columns where each column represents a time point, plus one column for node ID, since you said you didn't need xyz location. The rows would be each node. In order to use the node ID's this would require you to export the exact mesh used in Mechanical and have that read into your Monte Carlo processing program. If you can't export/import the mesh, then you need 3 columns to represent the XYZ locations of each node.