Leo Carrilho

I had this issue as well, but ANSYS engineers were able to fix it. They installed various MS Visual C++ Redistributable files starting with version 2010 for both x64 and x86 systems. Installing the last versions of the MS Visual C++ Redistributable files as shown in the above youtube video is not enough. The ANSYS engineers also unistalled and reinstalled my ANSYS package, deleting hidden files, etc. I don't remember all the steps, but it seems that we need to unistall everything, including the MS Visual C++ Redistributable files, reboot, and reinstall the programs, one by one, starting with the 2010 MS Visual C++ Redistributable file, reboot, and then install ANSYS. My ANSYS Mechanical and APDL is running just fine on my 2021 Apple M1 Max through Parallels.